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פרסום // כתב עת: גיליון חדש לכתב העת ללימודי ישראל בנושא - חדשנות ישראלית (סיגל בן-רפאל גלנטי, פני יובל) [אנגלית]

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Israel Studies Review (Vol. 35, Issue 3)

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The latest issue of Israel Studies Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal has published!

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Volume 35, Issue 3
Israeli Innovations
Guest Editors: Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti and Fany Yuval

Innovation in Israel: Between Politics, Society, and Culture
Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Fany Yuval, and Assaf Meydani

Adaptive Regulation: A Possible Model for Regulation and Innovation in Personal Social Services
Lihi Lahat and Yekoutiel Sabah

Innovative Thinking on the Relationship between the Provision of Local Services and Inequality in Israel
Yoram Ida, Amir Hefetz, Assaf Meydani, Gila Menahem, and Elad Cohen

Innovations in Israel’s Civics Textbooks: Enlightening Trends in Non-Western Democracies
Sigal Ben-Rafael Galanti, Paz Carmel, and Alon Levkowitz

“I’ll Do Business with Anyone”: Arab Teachers in Jewish Schools as a Disruptive Innovation
Rakefet Ron Erlich, Shahar Gindi, and Michal Hisherik

Innovation in Protest Strategies of Ethiopian Immigrants’ Organizations in Israel
Adi Binhas

The Role of Joint Lists and the New Political Rhetoric in Israel, 2015–2020
Osnat Akirav

Israel’s Innovative Young Adults Lists: Robust Participation in Institutional Municipal Politics
Zvi Hadar, Fany Yuval, and Rebecca Kook

Book Reviews
David N. Myers, Pnina Lahav, Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder, Adi Mahalel, and Lauren B. Strauss

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