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קול קורא // לכנס חוקרים צעירים: שכבות וקשרים בפוליטיקה [רומא 6/20] דדליין=31.3.20

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Layers and Connections of the Political

The Association for Political History warmly thanks the numerous scholars who have participated in the call for panels for the APH 2020 Conference “Layers and Connections of the Political” (11-13 June 2020 – LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome).

Call for Papers

The APH has been contacted by several young scholars asking for the possibility to deliver individual papers. In order to meet these demands, one more session has been added to the Conference, and the deadline for individual applications has been extended to March 31st. This call for papers is open to PhD students and scholars who have completed their PhD within the past five years. Applicants from all countries are welcome.

This session integrates the APH 2020 Conference “Layers and Connections of the Political” and is intended to offer young scholars the opportunity for interdisciplinary cross-fertilization with their peers and with senior scholars attending the APH 2020 conference. Proposals should consider, in a historical perspective, examples of how the multiple layers of the political have connected and interacted with each other during the last three centuries. The call is open to young scholars from all sub-disciplines of history who are interested in presenting scholarly papers on politics. Candidates from the disciplines of political sciences, sociology, psychology and philosophy are also welcome.

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