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קול קורא // לבית ספר קיץ: קולנוע, זכויות אדם והגנה משפטית [ונציה 8-9/20] דדליין=30.4.20

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15th Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy

The Summer School in Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy is a training initiative jointly developed by the Global Campus of Human Rights and Picture People, which will take place from 30 August to 9 September 2020 in Venice Lido.

The 11-day intense training is aimed at young professionals wishing to broaden their understanding on the connections between human rightsfilmsdigital media and video advocacy, to share ideas and foster participatory and critical thinking on urgent human rights issues, debate with experts and filmmakers from all over the world during the 77th Venice international Film Festival and learn how to use films as a tool for social and cultural change.

The Programme

The Summer School offers an exciting programme of lectures, film screenings, discussions, working groups and a storytelling workshop that combine human rights expertise, media studies and video advocacy strategies.

As part of the programme participants are required to watch and analyse a selection of human rights related screenings at the 77th Venice International Film Festival. Whenever possible, filmmakers, jury members and critics are invited to discuss their work with the Summer School participants. Participants will be given a Cinema category accreditation pass to the Film Festival giving access to a selection of festival screenings.

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Monastery of San Nicolò Riviera San Nicolò, 26 I-30126 Venice Lido
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