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פרסום // אסופת מאמרים: מושגי יסוד בחקר האנטישמיות (סקוט אורי, שלמה (סול) גולדברג, קלמן ווייזר) [אנגלית]

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Sol Goldberg, Scott Ury, Kalman Weiser, eds., Key Concepts in the Study of Antisemitism (Palgrave, 2021)

We are delighted to announce the publication of Key Concepts in the Study of Antisemitism (Palgrave, 2021). Co-edited by Sol Goldberg, Scott Ury and Kalman Weiser, the volume includes over twenty essays regarding the relationship between select “Key Concepts” and antisemitism in the academic and public realms.

Written by leading scholars from a range of disciplines, each chapter highlights the history of a particular concept, details its various uses and changing meanings over time, and highlights its central role in the current study of and debates regarding antisemitism.

Structured around concepts rather than chronology or geography, the volume is designed as a pedagogical tool for scholars teaching undergraduate and graduate courses about antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Genocide Studies as well as about other forms of prejudice and hatred.

Key Concepts in the Study of Antisemitism also serves as an up to date reference book for scholars and students embarking on new research projects or those interested in learning more about the study of antisemitism and its relationship to other fields.


Table of Contents

Introduction, Kalman Weiser

Anti-Judaism, Jonathan Elukin

Anti-Semitism (Historiography), Jonathan Judaken

Anti-Zionism, James Loeffler

Blood Libel, Hillel J. Kieval

The Catholic Church, Magda Teter

Conspiracy Theory, Jovan Byford

Emancipation, Frederick C. Beiser

Gender, Sara R. Horowitz

Ghetto, Daniel B. Schwartz

The Holocaust, Richard S. Levy

Jewish Self-hatred, Sol Goldberg

Nationalism, Brian Porter-Szűcs

Nazism, Doris L. Bergen

Orientalism, Ivan Kalmar

Philosemitism, Maurice Samuels

Pogrom, Jeffrey Kopstein

Post-colonialism, Bryan Cheyette

Racism, Robert Bernasconi

Secularism, Lena Salaymeh & Shai Lavi

Sinat Yisrael, Martin Lockshin

Zionism, Scott Ury

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