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פרסום // אסופה: הכס העתיק בים התיכון, במזרח הקרוב ומעבר: מן האלף השלישי לפנה"ס ועד המאה ה- 14 לספירה (ליאת נאה ודנה ברוסטובסקי גלבוע) [אנגלית]

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The Ancient Throne: The Mediterranean, Near East, and Beyond, from the 3rd Millennium BCE to the 14th Century CE. Proceedings of the Workshop held at the 10th ICAANE in Vienna, April 2016, eds. L. Naeh and D. Brostowsky Gilboa. International Series OREA 14. Vienna: Austrian Academy of Sciences Press.

Table of Contents:

Preface by the Series Editor

Liat Naeh – Dana Brostowsky Gilboa: Preface

Liat Naeh: In the Presence of the Ancient Throne: An Introduction

Claudia E. Suter: The Play with Throne Designs in Third Millennium BCE Mesopotamia

Caroline J. Tully – Sam Crooks: Enthroned Upon Mountains: Constructions of Power in the Aegean Bronze Age

Christina Ruth Johnson: To Sit in Splendour: The Ivory Throne as an Agent of Identity in Tomb 79 from Salamis, Cyprus

Yael Young: Throne Among the Gods: A Short Study of the Throne in Archaic Greek Iconography

Aaron Koller: Thrones and Crowns: On the Regalia of the West Semitic Monarchy

Elizabeth Simpson: The Throne of King Midas

Niccolò Manassero: The Ivory Thrones from Parthian Nisa: Furniture Design between Philhellenism and Iranian Revival

Sheila Blair: Women Enthroned: From Mongol to Muslim

Allegra Iafrate: Solomon as Kosmokratōr and the Fashioning of his Mechanical Throne from a Comparative Perspective



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