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קול קורא // לכנס: הכנס השנתי של האגודה להיסטוריה של האמנות [בירמינגהאם, מקוון 04/21] דדליין=19.10.20

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Bringing together current research and critical debate about art, art history and visual cultures.
Birmingham 14 – 17 April 2021

At present we are working towards delivering a hybrid event that will involve a physical conference with digital participation options for those who cannot or would rather not attend in person. [July 2020]

Our 2021 Annual Conference is a special expanded event which will include a total of 63 sessions taking place over four days. Within these 63 sessions are 28 sessions that were intended to take place in 2020, but will be accommodated within the 2021 Annual Conference instead. These 28 sessions from 2020 will not be calling for papers. 33 of the 35 newly selected sessions will be calling for papers for the 2021 Annual Conference.

Post COVID-19 plans
Whilst it’s difficult to know for certain how the current and future situation around COVID-19 might evolve, the Association for Art History does intend to host a 2021 Annual Conference. This will either be as a physical event in Birmingham, as virtual event, or, most likely, as a hybrid combination of physical and digital. We will be monitoring government guidelines and the situation closely, and will look to make a decision on physical or virtual no later than 1 December 2020. A physical conference would adhere to all government and university health and safety rules, and we are already working towards a programme that takes existing social-distancing measures into account. If we have to pursue a virtual only event it would not be compressed into the exact same four days, so as to accommodate different time zones and minimise screen fatigue.

Click on a session below to view.
Sessions in orange are 'Calling for Papers'.
Submit your paper proposal directly to the Session Convenor(s) via their email address(es) using this form.
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: Monday 19 October 2020


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University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
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