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קול קורא // לסמינר: עברים ועתידים של חקר יהדות גרמניה. בכנס האגודה ללימודים גרמניים [וושינגטון 10/20] דדליין=27.1.20

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GSA Seminar: The Pasts and Futures of German Jewish Studies

GSA 2020 Seminar: The Pasts and Futures of German Jewish Studies


In the past two decades, German Jewish Studies (GJS) has expanded to include new narratives, configurations, and approaches (e.g., multilingualism, translation, migration history, gender & sexuality, popular culture, and digital humanities). This seminar will take stock of the history, methods, and key figures of GJS, and provide a space for experimental approaches to research, teaching, and networking. How might new perspectives allow us to teach the subject differently, more inclusively, and beyond the nation-state model? What is the relationship between GJS and the discipline-wide effort to decolonize German Studies? And how might GJS continue to foreground identities and histories of marginalized peoples and groups in an age of resurgent antisemitism and xenophobia in the public and digital spheres? Seminar readings and position statements will help frame this conversation for faculty and graduate students in literature, history, and the other subfields of GJS.


Participants will circulate a 2,000-2,500 word paper (e.g., chapter excerpt, short conference paper, Thesenpapier, annotated syllabus, etc.) by September 1, 2020, read a few pre-circulated, field-defining texts touching upon the seminar’s broader themes, and (depending on the size of the seminar) provide commentary on another participant’s paper.

Silent Auditors: Yes

Seminar goals and procedures:

The seminar will chart possible futures of the field by rethinking its history and methods, and by establishing a working network for GJS at the annual GSA Conference. Currently, the Biennial GJS Workshop at the University of Notre Dame and the AJS Conference are invaluable meeting points. This seminar will build a related network for the GSA, and promote regular collaboration (nationally and internationally) on research, conferences, grants, and publications.

Participants will submit papers or pedagogical materials relating to their current research/teaching and to the seminar’s guiding questions. In light of efforts to decolonize the German Studies curriculum, the seminar will also address the important role GJS might play in this process, and the type of inter- and intradisciplinary solidarity that could result therefrom. What, for example, are the potentials – and limits – of bringing writings of twentieth-century German Jewish exiles into dialogue with contemporary refugee literature? Where can we locate the fruitful points of contact with queer and postcolonial studies?

The conveners will provide an introduction to the seminar, as well as moderate and facilitate a discussion of long-term goals. Each session will subsequently revolve around a common theme that will coincide with 1-2 readings and several participants’ papers.

How to Apply:

More information about seminars at the GSA can be found here: https://www.thegsa.org/blog/cfa-gsa-seminar-participation-applications

This website also contains a link to the submission website. You will be asked to submit a brief abstract (500 words) and a short C.V. (500-1,000 words). Please note that submissions are due by January 27, 2020. 

Please reach out to the conveners of the seminar if you have any questions.

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