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קול קורא // למאמרים (כתב עת): תקשורת במדע ובטכנולוגיה (אנגלית). דדליין לטקסט מלא=17.11.19

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Communications in Science and Technology

We kindly invite you to submit a paper to a Special Issue: Communications in Science and Technology, planned to be published in March 2020 in The Digital Scholar: Philosopher’s Lab, a peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

We warmly invite philosophers, science studies researchers and other scholars interested in the proposed topics.

The Special Issue is a sharing zone focused on discussions related to interactions between scientists and scientific communities, research areas, traditions and approaches. Possible topics of interest include collective knowledge, international collaborations in science and technology, formal / informal communications, and interdisciplinary communications and collaborations.

The thematic area embraces a range of epistemological, historical, social, ethical and other aspects related to communications in science. Proposed topics include digital researcher’s networking (social networks, online crowdsourcing and open innovation platforms, etc.).

Another subject suggested for discussion relates to communications between scientists and other social actors – representatives of government agencies, business, educational and other public institutions. Among the suggested concepts for discussions is the trading zone (originally introduced by Peter Galison) and its application to communications in science, e.g. in interdisciplinary projects.

We welcome submissions particularly in (but not limited to) the above themes in the English language.

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