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הזדמנות // משרה: מרצה: היבטים הומניסטיים של טכנולוגיות מידע ותקשורת [אודנזה/קולדינג] דדליין=1.10.19

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D-IAS Assistant Professorship in Humanistic Aspects of ICT

The Danish Institute for Advanced Study (D-IAS) seeks an outstanding candidate to fill a position at the Assistant Professor level in the field of Humanistic Aspects of ICT

The position is sponsored by the Department of Design and Communication and starts January 1, 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter. The department resides at the University of Southern Denmark's campus in Kolding. The place of employment is campus Kolding, but the successful candidate is expected to be at the D-IAS in Odense on a weekly basis.
The appointment is for four years with the possibility for a subsequent two years of employment as an Associate Professor.
We offer a uniquely ambitious research environment to this particular position, and, for the successful candidate, a position where options for tenure will be discussed during a third-year review. In addition, D-IAS offers the strongest possible support in applications for further external funding from prestigious national and European funding schemes, e.g., Marie Sk³odowska-Curie Actions and the ERC starting grants.
The successful candidate should have a strong international profile, a strong record of research publications, and have demonstrated exceptional potential to excel in scientific research. We expect the applicants to actively engage in the development of the research unit as well as contribute positively to D-IAS as a whole.

D-IAS aims to inspire ground-breaking ideas through the meeting of minds across the sciences and humanities. The D-IAS engages leading academics through its visitor program, weekly lectures, and quarterly colloquia. There is a strong focus on talent development of young researchers who work on game-changing ideas. Eminent academics are appointed as chairs, and in that capacity form the backbone of the D-IAS as they catalyze activities within their field.
More information about D-IAS activities can be found on our website www.danish-ias.dk. For further information please contact professor Nina Bonderup Dohn, Associate Chair of D-IAS, by e-mail:nina@sdu.dk.

Humanistic aspects of ICT
We welcome applicants working with humanistic aspects of ICT, broadly conceived. Applicants should have an interdisciplinary orientation and an expressed interest in participating in the cross-disciplinary cooperation at the department.
The Department for Design and Communication is currently establishing a Center for Computational Thinking, in collaboration with Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Special focus areas for the center are design for learning computational thinking; computational thinking (analogue, embodied, and digital), modelling, and visualization within the humanities; and computational thinking through "computational things" (physical ICT).
It is a requirement for the position that the applicant should have documented research qualifications within humanistic aspects of ICT. Programming skills are welcomed but not required.


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המכון ללימודים מתקדמים, Kolding University Of Southern Denmark, קולדינג, דנמרק
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