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קול קורא // למאמרים: נושאים וגישות במחשבה התאולוגית בת זמננו על הרוע (אנגלית); דדליין=31.10.19

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Issues and Approaches in Contemporary Theological Thought about Evil

Climate disasters, unanticipated consequences from genetic engineering, transhumanism as a possible solution to a variety of problems, and the growing challenge to the very program of theodicy raise challenges to past theodicies. What responses to these and other contemporary challenges are viable? A variety of approaches have developed in order to respond to these and other experiences of evil. Within the dominant approach of analytical theology, recent developments indicate growth in the tradition. Process and Open theologies often deal with the metaphysical nature of evils. Postmodern thought in its “theological turn” offers a variety of responses to evil. Eastern Orthodox responses to evil provide an alternative to the dominant Western theological treatments of evil. How are these or other approaches providing a comprehensive response to evil?

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