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קול קורא // לכנס: היסטוריה של ההגירות מודרניות לאמריקה ומאמריקה [קיימברידג' 9/19] דדליין=15.5.19

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Histories of Modern Migration to and in the Americas

Questions of migration are being debated across the globe with alarming urgency. Yet, contemporary forms of migration and the debates that arise from them are underscored by historical processes often rooted in concerns related to race, gender, sexuality, labor, class, and the state. This workshop aims to pull together scholars committed to the study of migration to and in the Americas during the modern period. Our purpose is to bring together a small group of scholars whose historical engagement with questions of migration can speak across histories of migration often bracketed into smaller subfields and Area Studies. In this regard, we hope to facilitate a larger conversation that underscores the various historical concerns that have produced mobility for some and immobility for others, and, at times, sustained shifting relations between mobility and immobility. We are absolutely delighted that Professor Grace Peña Delgado has agreed to deliver keynote remarks.

We invite Ph.D. candidates in their completion year and junior scholars to submit proposals. Projects must be rooted in extensive archival research and can vary in scale from the local to the global. We encourage scholarship in the fields of History, American, African American, Asian American, Latinx, and Native American Studies.

Possible themes may include:

  • ·      race, gender, class, and sexuality

  • ·      empire and diaspora

  • ·      settler colonialism and indigenous studies

  • ·      environmental studies

  • ·      racial capitalism

  • ·      critical disability studies

  • ·      geography and spatiality

  • ·      carceral studies

  • ·      biopolitics

  • ·      labor studies

  • ·      borders, borderlands, and bordering

  • ·      law, politics, and intellectual history

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