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The Clements Library Research Fellowships

The Clements Library research fellowships exist to help scholars gain access to the Library’s rich array of primary sources on early American history. On almost any aspect of the American experience from 1492 through 1900, the Clements holdings—books, manuscripts, pamphlets, maps, prints and views, newspapers, photographs, ephemera—are among the best in the world. Since the Library’s opening in 1923, historians have published more than 600 noteworthy books based on the Clements collections. The potential for rewarding research at the Clements—on military history, gender and ethnicity, religion, the American Revolution, Native Americans, politics and government, slavery and antislavery, the Civil War, travel and exploration—is remarkably strong. For any serious student of America’s early heritage, the Clements Library is an attractive destination indeed.

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The William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan
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