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אירוע // כנס: כנס בינלאומי על המלחמה נגד אוקראינה ומשפט בינלאומי הומניטרי [העברית / ירושלים] 13-14.11.22

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The War against Ukraine and International Humanitarian Law

The 17th Annual Minerva Conference on IHL
November 13 & 14, 2022
Beit Maiersdorf, Mt. Scopus Campus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Day One: Sunday, November 13th

09:45-10:00 Refreshments and Registration

10:00-10:15 Greetings and Introductory Remarks
Greetings: Prof. Tomer Broude / Dean, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Dr. Einat Albin / Academic Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Introductory Remarks: Prof. Yuval Shany / Hersch Lauterpacht Chair in Public International Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; IHL Conference Committee Chair

10:15-11:15 Session 1 – Conference Keynote Address
Address: Prof. Marco Sassoli / University of Geneva
“Challenges and Opportunities for IHL Resulting from the Armed Conflict in Ukraine”
Chair / Respondent: Prof. David Kretzmer / Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Founding Director, Minerva Center for Human Rights

11:30-12:45 Session 2 – Third-Party Status
Speakers: Dr. Alexander Wentker / Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg
“Party Status and the War in Ukraine”
Prof. Yaël Ronen / Academic Center for Science and Law, Hod Hasharon, Israel; Academic Editor, Israel Law Review, Minerva Center for Human Rights
“Belarus and Belarus Nationals in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict”
Chair / Respondent: Prof. Eliav Lieblich / Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University

14:00-15:30 Session 3 – Sieges, Blockades and Starvation
Speakers: Dr. Rogier Bartels / Legal Officer in the Chambers of the International Criminal Court
“The Legality of Sieges and Starvation under Contemporary IHL”
Dr. Anna Myktenko / Senior Advisor, Ukraine Country Manager, Global Rights Compliance
“Mined Fields, Burnt Crops, Seized Agricultural Equipment and Other Patterns of Starvation as a Method of Warfare in Ukraine”
Adv. Shani Friedman / PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
“To Blockade or Not to Blockade? The Legal Status of Russia’s Suspension of Shipping in the Sea of Azov”
Chair / Respondent: Dr. Tamar Hostovsky Brandes / Faculty of Law, Ono Academic College

15:45-17:15 Session 4 – Environmental Harm
Speakers: Dr. Anne Dienelt / Faculty of Law and Institute for International Affairs, University of Hamburg
“The Environment and Russia's War against Ukraine”
Dr. Nataliia Hendel / Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights; and Prof. Tymur Korotkyi / National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine
“On a Razor's Edge: Attacks and Seizure of Nuclear Electrical Generating Stations in Ukraine”
Dr. Saba Pipia / Georgian-American University
“How Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Affected Non-Human Animals: IHL Perspectives”
Chair / Respondent: Adv. Dr. Tom Gal / International Law Practitioner

17:45-19:00 Session 5 – Aggression and Morality
Speakers: Mr. Steven Van De Put / PhD Candidate, Maastricht University; Netherlands Defence Academy
“The Ukraine Conflict: Challenges Posed to the Relationship between IHL and jus ad bellum”
Dr. Maria Varaki / Department of War Studies, King's College London
“Aggression as a Game Changer?”
Chair / Respondent: Adv. Yuliya Mik / PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Day Two: Monday, November 14th

10:00-10:15 Refreshments and Registration

10:15-11:30 Session 6 – Fake News and Digital Evidence

Speakers: Adv. Diletta Marchesi / PhD Candidate, Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), KU Leuven
“Fake News in Real Wars: The Regulation of Fake News as a Method and Means of Warfare under International Humanitarian Law”
Mr. Raphael Oidtmann / University of Mannheim; PhD Candidate, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
“Fact-Finding and Digital Evidence in the War Against Ukraine – Towards a Revolution in Documenting Violations of IHL?”
Chair / Respondent: Dr. Tal Mimran, Research Director, Federmann Cyber Security Research Center, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

11:45-13:00 Session 7 – Prisoners of War

Speakers: Dr. Oleg Guschyn / Military Institute, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
"’I never thought I’d get out alive’: Torture as a Commonplace Phenomenon and Prisoners of War Legal Regime in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict”
Dr. Mykola Pashkovskyi / National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine
“Ukraine: Exchange of Prisoners of War and Punishment for War Crimes”
Chair / Respondent: Dr. Magdalena Pacholska / Marie Curie (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellow, T.M.C. Asser Institute

14:15-15:30 Session 8 – Sexual Violence

Speakers: Dr. Iuliia Anosova / Legal expert of the civil society organization "La Strada-Ukraine", Kyiv
“When Terminology Matters: Challenges in Qualification of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in the War against Ukraine”
Dr. Inna Zavorotko / Legal Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine
“Conflict-related Sexual Violence against Ukrainians during Captivity”
Chair / Respondent: Dr. Renana Keydar / Law and Digital Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

15:45-17:00 Session 9 – Accountability and Sanctions

Speakers: Prof. Geoffrey Corn / Texas Tech University School of Law; Director of the Center for Military Law and Policy
“Conduct Crimes, Attack Results, and Probative Value”
Adv. Emanuela-Chiara Gillard/ Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict
“The Role of Sanctions in Responding to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine”
Chair / Respondent: Prof. Guy Harpaz / Faculty of Law and Dept. of International Relations, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

17:30-19:00 Session 10 – Summing Up: Concluding Discussion

Discussants: Prof. Noam Lubell / School of Law, University of Essex; Director of the Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub
Dr. Gleb Bogush / Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center of Excellence for International Courts (iCourts), University of Copenhagen
Moderators: Prof. Yaël Ronen / Academic Center for Science and Law, Hod Hasharon, Israel; Academic Editor, Israel Law Review, Minerva Center for Human Rights
Prof. Yuval Shany / Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Chair, Conference Committee

Space is limited – registration is required!
Minerva Website https://en.minervacenter.huji.ac.il/upcoming-events
For additional information: mchr@savion.huji.ac.il


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Minerva Website https://en.minervacenter.huji.ac.il/upcoming-events

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