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Fulfilled Lives: A Literary, Philosophical and Religious Journey into Well Being

שלום לכולם,

אני עורכת ספר רב-תחומי אודות מושג האושר בהוצאת Cambridge Scholars. אשמח לקבל הצעות לפרקים ממי שעוסק בתחום. תקציר הספר נמצא מטה. ניתן לשלוח הצעות בדוא"ל: alon.amit@ucla.edu .




What is happiness? How has happiness been defined in the history of thought and culture, and how did it develop into contemporary views? This book brings together contemporary research in the fields of philosophy, literature, religion and education, focusing on various aspects of happiness – theoretical, poetic, religious, practical, and more.

About the Editor

Nili Alon Amit, PhD, is a Visiting Research Scholar at the Nazarian Center for Israel Studies, UCLA. Her research centres on ancient and modern philosophy and literature, with a focus on the history of soul and happiness from biblical writings to postmodern literature.


Well Being; Happiness; History of Ideas; Philosophy; Comparative Literature; Comparative Religion; Education


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